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TOKENSCHILD is the first consultancy in the European Union specialized in cycles research and risk for all asset classes.

Cycles exist in everything. They are Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

What We Do

Much of success in life is a matter of timing. This is especially true in business, trading and investing, where timing is critical to achieving optimal results. We firmly believe that timing is everything and underlies every strategic decision and action.

As cycles advisors, we specialize in providing unique research on cycles in various markets, including commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, and futures. Our long-term cycles research is designed to help companies anticipate and understand major shifts in their business cycle. Simultaneously, our short-term cycles research is tailored to assist trading firms in identifying imminent changes in both market timing and price dynamics.

As risk advisors, we put our clients’ interests first. We work closely with our clients to understand their risk mitigation objectives and provide expert advice on developing appropriate risk transfer strategies. Our focus is on providing clients with informed, strategic guidance for effective risk management.

We provide valuable timing and risk expertise.

  • Consulting

    Our goal as risk consultants is to help our clients achieve their objectives while minimizing risk and maximizing value. 


    We work with clients to identify their insurance objectives and risk tolerance and help them select the most appropriate insurance to meet their goals.


    Our goal as forecasters is to help our clients make informed decisions about the future and gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

  • Talk to Us

    We are always open to discussing your company’s risk exposure and how we can help you achieve protection.